Time heals

It took a lot of time for me to except that phrase but it’s actually true. Eighteen years ago I lost a child and I was destroyed behind it. I already had two small children so I was overwhelmed with stress and life issues. Being a teenage mom was not in my plans but I knew I had to make the best of it. When I found out I that I was pregnant with my third child I almost lost my mind. I went into a deep depression stage and I wasn’t even 21 yet. I struggled to raise my two on my own with very little support. It was hard staying employed due to not having childcare. The amount of stress I endured caused me to loose my first soon and it broke my heart. They couldn’t explain to me what happened o r how I was not myself anymore after that. Each year around his birthday the depression would come back and take over. Five years later When I realized this pattern I told myself we can get ahead of this. I started planning something for me to do around that time not to take my mind off it but to remember things happen for a reason. It eventually worked I admit it was a process but time did heal the wound and even though I still think about my son it’s no longer in a depressed way.

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