Table Battles

My battle with my weight has been an overwhelming experience. I felt worthless all of my high school years. The constant teasing and jokes really got the best of me. It was so bad I attempted suicide and that caused my parents to put me in a treatment facility. While I was in there I had the most amazing therapist and I started to feel better about myself. Two years later I have lost over 175 pounds and look & feel amazing. I take it one day at a time and I no longer stress eat. I didn’t go on crazy diets or starve myself. I increased my water intake and learned portion control. Everynight I take a 30 minute walk and cut off eating at 10pm. In therapy I learned just little things make such a huge difference and that’s my mentality when I battle with the table.  

One thought on “Table Battles

  1. I think that is amazing how you took control and made the decision for yourself. I hear that taking cinnamon daily will benefit in weight loss and after reading this I think I’m gone have to start to make getting health my life choice.

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