Mother of three with biopolar disorder

I have had bipolar disorder for some years now. I am also a mother of three, I suffer a lot with my disorder because I had to grow up fast and I feel like I am alone a lot. I was 16 years old when I had my first child who is five now. I wasn’t diagnosed with my disorder until a year after my daughter was born when my grandmother died in 2010. Until now, a lot has grown and broken me so bad that I feel like I shouldn’t be here, but I have my children to live for and I just think of them when I feel the emptiness inside me. My kids play a big part in my life because I wish I had siblings at the age they are. I love going places and doing kid things. I feel more like a teen than an adult at 22years old. I don’t fight myself for having kids at this age because they give me something to do and live for. I really feel if I didn’t have them, I wouldn’t be here to write this blog today. I’m blessed to be a mother of three kids with my disorder. horses21-1024x120

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  1. Growing up was very hectic for me- I was born when my mom was 23, she divorced my dad and moved my sister and I halfway across the country. My step dad killed himself less than a year after he came into our life and my father died of an overdose a little over a year later, when I was 10. We never lived anywhere for more than a couple of years & things were never stable, especially my mom…
    But I’m 32 now and regardless of all the crap we went through and all of the times I felt let down or neglected or abused, I know that my mom tried her hardest to raise happy, healthy and strong women- and she did. She wasn’t perfect, and I am bipolar, so things certainly weren’t easy for her, but she did her best.
    I’m pretty sure my mom is undiagnosed something, but she refuses to see a therapist and I’ve learned to accept that. I’m just saying I respect that you acknowledge your issue and try to be aware of how it effects your kids.
    So- if anything you’re setting a long term example of perseverance and strength and that deserves to be recognized.
    Thank you for being a strong woman. Thank you for trying.

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