How do I tell him?

Music is my life but right now it’s not paying my bills. I know that nothing comes easy in life and that you have to work for everything you need & want. I’m writing this post because I don’t know where else to turn. I saw a facebook post about this site and I figured why not give it a try. I don’t believe I’m actually about to write this but ok here it goes. I am a phone actress and I have been for like 2 years. I make decent money doing it and it gives the ability to write music which is my real life goal. I was never ashamed of what I did and never cared what anybody else thought about it. The thing is I meet this really great guy, he’s cute, smart, and he is super frickin sweet. He treats me well and is supportive of my music. We having been talking for like 3 months now and he has no idea what I do for a living. I told him I work at a telephone company in customer service. We are hitting it off real well and I think it has potential to be the real thing. I want to tell him the truth but I don’t want to ruin something great. How do I tell him? Should I even tell him? Does he even need to know? I’m totally confused I’m usually a honest person but I don’t want to lose him. What should I do?

3 thoughts on “How do I tell him?

  1. I think if your normally a honest person you should continue to be one. It’s better to tell him now then for him to find out later. He would hate to know you lied to him. I would make him dinner and that would be our dinner conversation. I would as open and honest as possible. Good luck!

  2. ………….
    Tell him to go to a particular coffee shop at a certain time.
    Tell him to put on a red cap, so you know it’s him.
    If you don’t feel right, you can bail out the back door.


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