Homemade laundry soap

After we bought the new house we had a plumbing issue and almost all of our clothes got wet. I use to use tide before we downsized so I figured this was my make or break test. I have been using the homemade for a while I liked it but this would be the true test. I washed the clothes and rinsed with white vinegar and guess what it actually worked. I would be lying if I say I wasn’t surprised but I was glad it worked. It meant I was doing something right. I will never buy any brand again I sold on the homemade. It’s not as thick or as soapy as store bought but it works better.Laundry soap Its quick and easy to make boil 4 cups of water and put 3 tbs of each item pictured in a gallon jug. Shake and let it dissolve once thats done add 9 cups of cold water. I normally add 1 tbs of essential oil for fragrance but that’s optional. Use as you would your regular detergent.

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