Downsizing My Life

I must admit I was a very spoiled and materialistic person all my life, well up until two years ago. My husband had lost his job and we didn’t believe in saving. We was so go go go and enjoyed being spontaneous with no cares in the world. We went dining almost every night, clubbing and throwing house parties. I called it “living it up” it was so much fun to not have to worry about making ends meet. We have children but no small ones so their was no neglect going on and our billed was paid. Oh did the tables turn on us and with the blink of the eye my life was changed forever. He struggled finding a job that would keep us the way we was accustomed to so I had to make some sacrifices. It wasn’t easy but he had worked hard to provide for us and we never wanted for anything. It was so stressful and it hurted to watch him struggle. I pulled up my big girl panties and told him it would be okay and asked him to let me help us get through this. I jumped on Google and started to house hunt I mean our rent was to expensive for the new budget. That was something I had to give up to put us in a better position. I searched for days but it was really nothing in area that fit the budget so we discussed relocating. After two weeks of arguing about what to do next we moved to a very small, quiet town into nice cozy house. We knew nobody there but we all found jobs pretty fast. They was good paying jobs but I was to scared yo splurge like we us to the fear of losing everything again stayed in the back of my mind. I encouraged the kids and my husband to start a savings account. We had a family meeting and came to an agreement to put $25 from every check into one joint account. I started to collect coupons and us apps that gave you cash back for shopping. My family thought I was losing my mind. I started to cook homemade meals instead of us ordering out every night. The slow cooker was my best friend along with Pinterest. It even got to the point I was making homemade products to keep us under budget. I kinda miss my old life but my new life is so much better. We do things as a family and we are getting along better. We have been here for 10 months and we just put a down payment on a brand new house which is amazing. We are back to being a three car family. I have a huge stockpile in my second garage and we actually have money in the bank. I guess downsizing was the best thing that ever happen to me and I will sacrifice it all again for my family.

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