YoTale is more than just another social platform. We’re a social network with a goal. YoTale fosters a sense of community, providing an essential means of connecting today’s struggling youth with friends, peers and those who’ve been there before.

What Is It?

At its heart, YoTale is a social network like no other. We bring together young people from high school to college who are struggling with depression, drugs, illnesses and more. Our members share their stories, their challenges, and their struggles with one another, and they provide amazing support and encouragement, too.

The Act of Sharing

A story left untold is not a story, and there are amazing therapeutic benefits in the act of sharing. YoTale taps into that, providing our members with the means to share their struggles and victories, to take part in the stories of others.

A Vital Helping Hand

YoTale is about more than providing a platform for sharing personal stories. It’s about forming a support network. It’s about giving back, about helping those who are struggling with the same issues you might have faced. YoTale is about lending a vital helping hand to someone who’s floundering through the pressure and turmoil of modern life. We invite you to experience the power of community – come and share your stories with our members. Whether you’re depressed, stressed, suffer from an eating disorder or something else, we welcome you to share, connect and find support.

About Us

YoTale is about helping youth make connections, find support, and share their story. It’s about beating depression, disease, anxiety and other problems in a way that actually works. I know. I’ve been there myself.

My Story

For years, I suffered from depression. I never said a word about it. I was the guy with the big smile on my face, who always met you with a joke. There was no need for friends to ask how I was doing – I always brought the “good times”. I was the life of the party. That was a lie. Mix in peer pressure, relationships, and an assortment of other pressures heaped on us by everyday life, and I was spinning out of control. If I’d never found an outlet, I might have become yet another statistic. But there was one thing that always seemed to help. When I was able to talk about it, or write about it, the cloud lifted. That is what I founded YoTale to accomplish – to provide other youth, from high school all the way through college, with a place they could come and share the struggles and their triumphs. I wanted to create a place where people could connect on a deeper level than what’s possible with other social networks, where they could share messages of hope and struggle, could give one another support and encouragement. In the end, YoTale is all about our users, and their stories. It’s your tale, go tell it.

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